Parent/Families Sponsorship

The following is from our Booster Club’s Corporate Sales Officer, Erica Merrill:

Dear CLHS Choir Parents,

I am excited to be heading up corporate sales this year for the Choir Booster Club. The purpose of the booster club is to provide support to the choir directors and students. This support includes planning & volunteering at events, pitching-in to create production costumes, designs and so much more. The thing I want to discuss today is the booster club’s financial support of:

  1. Extras needed by the directors for anything from sound & lighting equipment to hiring professional musicians for performances and more.
  2. Supporting students throughout their choir experience which includes scholarships for activities outside of school (which have an associated cost) that compliment their choir journey, have the opportunity.

In order to support the efforts above and more, we need to raise funds and request students and their families to participate. Raising funds for this year consists of selling sponsorship opportunities to our community through ads in our performance programs.

Ads can be sold to local business, in an effort to support our Clear Lake community. The businesses that participate and purchase ads to sponsor the CLHS choir program will be featured in all 7 of our performance programs for the school year.

This is where we need and request your support; we are asking each student to sell 1 ad for the programs this year. Each sponsorship is $100 and includes:

  1. A full-page, full-color ad in all 7 of our programs
  2. Their business information on our choir website, where we’re happy to mention services and specials, should they choose to offer them

In years past, we have distributed approximately 1800 free programs for each performance. We expect to have that many (or more) eyes on each of our virtual programs as well. As a comparison, football games typically have closer to 800 programs distributed per game.

In short this sponsorship offering has the potential to bring additional spend back into our local community. It is a bargain for business to have this type of advertising for $100, while also allowing our choir program to have funds to benefit our students and our program at large.

The types of businesses that will benefit from this sponsorship include: doctors, dentists, salons, boutiques, restaurants, realtors, car dealerships, music stores and more. There are virtually no limits on the business that would benefit from being a sponsor for the CLHS booster club for the 2020/2021 school year.

We are requesting your help and support of our efforts to raise funds this school year for students, who might otherwise be unable, to attend choir camp, receive voice lessons and enjoy our end of the year choir banquet.  

Our goals include the following:

  • Provide 10 student scholarships to attend All State Choir Camp this summer
  • Provide 10 students with 10 private voice lessons this school year
  • Subsidize the cost of our end of year choir banquet

As a sponsor this year, business will be featured in all 7 programs for $100 (what it typically costs to be in one of our programs). It’s like paying for 1 ad and getting 6 free! We will also feature our sponsors on the CLHS choir website, which is an added value for the 2020/2021 school year.

The programs in which the sponsors will be featured:

7 Concerts

  • Fall Concert
  • Winter Tide Concert
  • Spring Concert
  • 2 Pop Show Concerts
  • Fall Soundwaves Concert
  • Spring Soundwaves Concert

We’ve made it easy for the students and the businesses who want to participate. Students will simply supply businesses with this link:

This link gathers all of the specifics required to start the ad creation process. Once payment is processed, the booster club will reach out to gather ad specifics.

We’ve created a letter (2 versions) that can be emailed to businesses along with some helpful tips for those students that may be calling on the businesses via phone or in person. Please see the enclosures.  

Side note: Families can purchase 1 page ads to run the entire year for $100 or they can purchase an ad for 1 show at $50. Please use the same URL ( to place an order.  Indicate the ad is for your student by simply typing your student’s name and details in the company fields. You will be contacted shortly after your payment is processed for the specifics of your ad.

This fund raiser is not required but requested. If you’d like to make a donation to the CLHS Choir Booster Club instead of selling an ad, we also welcome donations. Donations of $50 can be made through the same RL above. Simply make a note of your student’s details within the company fields.

We are excited to offer the following student incentives for this sponsorship program. Would you please consider communicating with your students to ensure they are aware of our incentives?

Incentive for students that sell more than $300

  • Receive a full color page ad to run in programs all year (all 7 programs)

Incentive for students that sell more than $500

  • Receive a full page color ad to run in the program all year PLUS be put in a drawing for a Sound Waves performance in 2020/2021 school year (date to be agreed upon in advance).

We appreciate your help in relaying this message to your students and sincerely appreciate your support.

We are blessed to be able to interact with your children.

Kind regards,

Erica Merrill

Please email with questions,